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A professional home inspection can reveal critical information about the condition of a home and its systems. Our reports explain major defects, minor repairs needed and maintenance required. 

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Well maintained homes sell for top dollar. A pre-listing inspection can give sellers valuable insight into the unknown repairs their property may need. Getting a jump on any repair issues can pave the way for a smooth and equitable transaction. This also assists agents with an explanation to buyers as to how you arrived at the asking price.

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Home Inspection

It is recommend that your home is inspected on a regular basis. Similar to a doctor's checkup but for your house. Homeowners rarely spend time on the roof, in the attic or in the crawl space. Important maintenance issues can be forgotten in life's shuffle. A Bi-Annual Home inspection keeps your home running smoothly and helps most of our clients to avoid costly repairs. 


Log Home 

There are many differences between log home builds and traditional stick builds. At Look See Property Inspections we are certified in log home inspection. We check for proper component installation and the general structural integrity of the build. In addition to any fungal activity within the logs. We pay attention to any builder concessions to the design or if they have used softer woods. 


Wood Destroying Organisms

This inspection looks for wood-destroying insects and rot (wood-destroying fungi) in addition to the conditions that assist these organisms to thrive .


Inspecting Tools & Technologies 

During your inspection, cutting edge non-invasive tools are used when needed. 


  • Infrared Thermal Imaging Scans

  • Crawl Bot Videography 

Residential Home Inspection Fees

Our goal is to inform, not to alarm our clients. 

Knowledge is key and only adds to your negotiation power and peace of mind.  

Remember no home is perfect and every home is different.


For this reason we need specifics information about the property to give you a quote on your residential home inspection fee.Pricing is dependent on the square footage, age and condition of the home. Inspections take between

2.5-5 hours. 

We reserve the right to adjust the inspection fee if structure is different than scheduled. This includes correction for type of dwelling, square footage,

pools, guest houses, age, etc.



LSPI accepts checks, credit or debit. Fees must be paid in full before or at the time of inspections. Reports cannot be released without payment. 

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Sometimes inspectors are unable to gain complete access through the crawlspace. In that case we deploy


           Crawl Bot


Our Bot video view features up, down and 360’ panning capability. This virtual look around gives both the inspector and our clients a better understanding of what defects may be found in the crawl space.Crawl bots findings are not limited to 

  • Moisture damaged

  • Unsecured wiring

  • Organic matter on wood sub floors

  • Unsecured electrical 

  • Damaged framing

  • Non-Insulated sub floor

  • HVAC ducts in contact with the ground

  • Rodent and animal issues

  • Cracked foundations

  • Leaking waste pipes

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