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Agent Checklists
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Message to Agents

Our goal is to inform, not to alarm our clients. We believe in the importance of perspective. At look See we understand that most home buyers are on a particular budget. They are trusting real estate agents and home inspectors to guide them to these homes. A home inspection should be thorough, concise and fair.

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Checklist for Sellers & Sellers Agent

On the day of the inspection, the seller/tenant should expect to leave the home for at least 3 hours.


-PPE, white suits and respirators can be very scary to even the most well behaved animals. No matter how friendly your pet is please kennel them or remove them from the property. Look See Inspections and its employees will not be held responsible for your animal. We will hold you responsible for any issues due to the animals being present on the property during the time of inspection. This includes cancellation fees.


-All utilities should be on. Non working systems cannot be properly inspected.


-Remove all animal waste in the yard. 


-Remove personal belongings away from windows and (unplug) GFCI outlets.


-Remove personal belongings that may block the following; furnace,  electrical panel, doors and         


-Remove personal belongings that block clear access to the crawlspace hatch and attic scuttle.


-Clear all sinks of personal property allowing for access to faucets, drains and drain lines.  


-Secure firearms and other weapons in a location that will not endanger, or expect the inspector to be responsible for moving them.


-Unlock all gates and outbuildings to be inspected. Supply codes if needed.


-All utilities should be on and all pilot lights are to be lit. (gas fireplaces, water heaters, stoves)


-Window coverings should be open and windows should be easily accessible.


-Understand that you may need to reset clocks and computers after GFCI and AFCI circuits are tested.


-All switch-controlled lights should have operating bulbs.


-Oregon State requires smoke & CO detectors to be installed. A CO alarm must be located within each bedroom or within 15 feet outside of each bedroom door. Bedrooms on separate floors in a structure containing two or more stories require separate CO alarms.

Checklist for Buyers & Buyers Agent

-All utilities should be on. Non working systems cannot be properly inspected. There is a re-inspection charge of 200 per hour, if we are asked to return.


-Home inspections require at least 3 hours for a typical house, sometimes longer for a larger, older, or poorly maintained home.


-Clients are welcome to schedule a phone or virtual meeting after they have received and reviewed their emailed report.  



Clients should be reminded;


Payment is due before the day off inspection. Most pay the fee upon scheduling. If the client would like to pay in a different way. The agent or the client can drop off a check or the client can pay over the phone with a debit/credit card. 


The clients signature is required on the pre-inspection agreement and a return email of said pre-inspection agreement, must be received prior to the inspection.


This creates a mutual understanding of the scope of the home inspection report. This agreement should be read in full before signing. 

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